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Desert Gold Drywashing, Trommel Mining, etc. Videos

Desert Gold Drywashing, Trommel Mining, etc. Videos

Howdy Treasure Hunters, Prospectors, Adventurers, etc.,

This is the Desert Gold Drywashing, Trommel Mining, etc. Videos webpage which provides informative tips and ideas.

Caution!: Desert Drywashing is very dusty and dirty, proper health protecting gear is required to be worn.

Be aware the desert regions of the U.S. West & Southwest, etc. often have poisonous snakes in the vicinity, particularly in the warm days.

Check the appropriate name/title of the subsequent webpages under this directory to select/view the desired videos in this website’s menus.

Or for quick access to more webpages of the “Desert Gold Drywashing, Trommel Mining, etc. Video Directory”, I’ve made a quick access link listing and listed it below.

There is an open full screen option in the video’s menu.

I give full credit to the publisher of these fine videos by listing their nickname.



David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster Owner

May 9, 2011
Revised: 6-29-2011; 3-1-2012; 9-5-2012; 12-13-2012; 10-26-2013; 6-18-2016

1. “Desert Gold Drywashing Mining, etc. Videos” webpage.

“Desert Gold Drywashing Mining, etc. Videos” webpage


2. “Desert Gold Trommel Mining Video Sub-directory.

“Desert Gold Trommel Mining Video Sub-directory”


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