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Getting Internet Traffic to my website

“Getting Internet Traffic to my website”.

Greetings Treasure Hunters, Website Webmasters, etc.

I increased traffic to this website, by advertising on Google and MSN for a few months. Then I switched to Yahoo for about a year for my online advertisements placing me higher in the Yahoo search engine searches. At those advertisement services you can select the words, phrases, etc., that you want to be linked to in searches and what you would pay-per-click on those searches by the wide world web users. You can set a monthly budget to not exceed such as $ 40.00 a month or so. Then as your site gets bites, all the other search engines will send “bots” to search your site for key words and phrases for their customer’s searches. Thus I no longer advertise my website, yet receive as many 2,000 unique visitors a month, a decent total for a small website owner. I have not advertised this website for over a year thus far. I do not recommend SEO softwares or SEO consultants as it is time-consuming task and generally does not increase much traffic by my records of past attempts to use SEO techniques. As I stated: the Web’s internet search engine companies sent “bots” i.e., automated information searching inquiries on to your website anyways. Those “bots” classify your “key words and phrases” very well. Just be sure to leave/make your website “bot” friendly by not blocking the “bots” searches for content. The reason being SEO softwares let user’s select their content descriptions which often are misleading while “search engine bots” verify your content on your webpages. It’s not trust in “convicts” like always. A good tip is the larger “search engine” companies’ “search engine bots” like larger text size titles and larger text size sub-titles which match the content of the webpage’s smaller size text being reviewed by the “bots”.


Best Regards,

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster Owner.

July 9, 2011
Revised: 7-17-2011; 11-8-2011; 4-8-2012; 6-14-2012; 6-15-2013; 4-28-2015

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