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Jewelry Finds claimed by the Female Gender

“Jewelry Finds claimed by the Female Gender”.

Howdy Treasure Hunters,

This is the “Jewelry Finds claimed by the Female Gender” webpage.

I have 10-“Jewelry Finds claimed by the Female Gender” which are available for your viewing pleasure on this webpage.

Very entertaining how these gals display their latest treasure hauls, always a sometimes favorite pastime of fun-loving women.

There is an open full screen option in the video’s menu.

I give full credit to the publisher of these fine videos by listing their nickname.



David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster Owner.

October 17, 2011
Revised: 10-30-2013; 10-31-2013

1. “Beautiful thrifting/Flee Market finds + bargin buys Jewellery Haul” published on with “bianca4430”.


2. “Thrift Haul: Estate Sale Jewelry” published on with “kittylulu81”.


3. “Skye Jewelry Line Haul & Review” published on with “alyssakristin”.


4. “Tiffany and Company Jewelry Haul” published on with “Zoeebella”.


5. “Fantasy Jewelry Box Haul!” published on with “fantasyjewelrybox”.


6. “Haul: Statement Jewelry/Accessories” published on with “beautycakz”.


7. “Charlotte Russe Accessory Haul! Rings, Earrings, and necklace OH MY!” published on with “pixiemama5000”.


8. “Yard sale jewelry haul” published on with “1dandiesmom”.


9. “Parking Lot Garage Sales-Gold /silver jewelry-Great finds! Perfume-Ebay resale- part1” published on with “sparemarbles2012”.


10. “Jewelry Flea Market Haul” published on with “ILuvVintageScrap”.


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