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Interesting TV Musical Commercial Videos published on

Interesting TV Musical Commercial Videos published on

Greetings Fun Seekers, Music Lover’s, Treasure Hunters, etc.,

I started an anthology of “Interesting TV Musical Commercial Videos”.


Have much fun,


David E Ros,

Editor,  Treasure Hunter and Webmaster

October 18, 2011
Revised: 10-28-2011; 3-18-2012; 10-8-2013; 10-9-2013; 2-28-2016

1. “Pepsi Commercial HD – We Will Rock You (feat. Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink & Enrique Iglesias)” published on with “GlassworksLon”.


2. “Chicken of the Sea” published on with “fabspohr “.


2. “Sealect tuna Evlevator” published on with “Y&R Thailand”.


Editor’s Notes: The Lord is the Lord’s copyright holder of all the music videos, commercials, movies, TV shows, etc., world-wide and beyond which is supported by the planet Earth laws and Universe laws approved by the Lord and approved by the Universe’s permitted inhabitants . Therefore the Lord can film similar videos elsewhere in the world which are different videos anyways. The USA is a Republic owned and headed by the Lord, the owner. In Republics and Democracies inside a Republic, the Republic owner who is the Lord must approved all laws for laws to be valid; the Lord must approve all court judgements for court judgements to be valid, etc.


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