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Index to the Treasure Books for Sale

“Index to the Treasure Books”.

Greetings Treasure Hunters, Metal Detector Users, etc.

This is the “Index to the Treasure Books”.

Our Treasure Hunting Index of related book lists are categorized into topic sections.

Currently the list is comprised of my personal collection’s inventory with a couple of exceptions.

There are thousands of Treasure Hunting related books available, so I will be adding more books to my lists.

Please use our convenient links in our book lists for quick purchases of your desired books.

Our links are powered by and, so feel secure in purchasing through us.



David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster
June 1, 2009
Revised: 2-24-2014

“A” thru “C”
Aerial Treasure Hunting
Africa Treasure Books
Alaska Treasure Books
Archaeology, Historical and Biblical Books
Arizona Treasure Books
Automobile and Off-Road Books
Automobile, Off-Road, 4-Wheel Drive Trails and Back Country Roads Books
Beach Metal Detecting Books
Bottle Collecting Books
California Treasure Books
California – Desert Treasure Books
California – Eastern California, Death Valley Treasure Book
California – Northern California including the Mother Lode Treasure Books
California – Southern California Treasure Books
Canada Treasure Books
Civil War, Indian Wars, Union, Confederate, Battlegrounds, Forts, Campgrounds, Indians and Relic Hunting Books
Coin Collecting Books
Coin Cleaning Books
Coinshooting Books
Colorado Treasure Books


“D” thru “M”
Dowsing Books
Egypt Treasure Books
First Aid and Survival Books
Florida Treasure Books
Gem Trails and Rockhounding Books
Geology Related Books
Georgia Treasure Books
Germany Treasure Books
Ghost Towns, Mines, Mining Towns, Camps and Forts Books
Gold Mining Books
Gold Nugget Prospecting Books
Gunfights, Sheriffs, Marshals, Train Robberies and Outlaws Books
Idaho Treasure Books
Israel Treasure Books
Kansas Treasure Books
Lapidary Books
Louisiana Treasure Books
Maine Treasure Books
Metal Detecting Books, General
Mexico Treasure Books
Montana Treasure Books


“N” thru “S”
Nevada Treasure Books
New Mexico Treasure Books
New York Treasure Books
New Zealand Treasure Books
North Carolina Treasure Books
Oregon Treasure Books
Privy and Dump Digging Books
Prospecting Books, General
Rocks, Minerals and Gems Books, General
South America Treasure Books
South Dakota Treasure Books
Sunken Treasure, Pirates and Ship Wrecks Books


“T” thru “Z”
Texas Treasure Books
Treasure Books, General
Treasure Signs Books
United Kingdom Treasure Books
USA Treasure Books
USA – Eastern Treasure Books
USA – Midwest Treasure Books
USA – Pacific Northwest Treasure Books
USA – Rockies Treasure Books
USA – Southern and Southeastern Treasure Books
USA – Western and Southwest Treasure Books
Utah Treasure Books
Virginia Treasure Books
Washington Treasure Books
World Treasure Books
Wyoming Treasure Books


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