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“Sierra Nevada, California” “Treasure Hunting, Historical Accounts, etc.” Downloads

“Sierra Nevada, California” “Treasure Hunting, Historical Accounts, etc.” Downloads.

Greetings Treasure Hunters, Adventurers, Collectors and all wanting a good time and/or adventure,

This is the “Sierra Nevada, California” “Treasure Hunting, Historical Accounts, etc.” Downloads webpage which may include additional informative URL links, etc.

I have some interesting “Sierra Nevada, California” “Treasure Hunting, Historical Accounts, etc.” Downloads available to view, read and download from

However some of these downloads may have monthly membership fee to download.

If there are multiple issues available of a particular periodical only the first available issue will be readable online.

All the rest of the available periodical’s issues will be accessible via a full screen link to:

More periodicals will be in the additional sub-directories to main directory webpage titled “, etc. Treasure Hunting Articles, Newsletters and More Downloads”.

I list/give credit to the publishing company’s website and the individual’s nickname there at the publishing company’s website, etc. in all the link’s adjacent descriptions.


Best regards,

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster Owner.

November 18, 2011
Revised: 3-6-2014; 3-8-2014

1. “Adventure Guide to The Sierra Nevada by WH Morrison & M Purdue” readable screen published by with “Hunter Publishing”.

Sierra Nevada Travel Guide


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