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Hunting for Meteorites and Collecting Meteorites Videos

“Meteorite Hunting and Collecting Meteorites Videos” webpage.

Greetings Treasure Hunters, Artifacts and Relic Hunters, etc.,

This webpage is the “Hunting for Meteorites and Collecting Meteorites Videos” webpage full of interesting valued “finds” by professionals, hobbyists, etc.


Happy adventures,

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster.

August 23, 2012
Revised: 11-2-2014

1. “METEORITE HUNTING DRY LAKE” published on with “cetuspa”.

My personal experience(s) with many dry lake beds are “Dry Lake Beds” are often enough very windy and potentially dangerous enough to requiring strapping yourself securely to avoid being “blown” into the air. Other times you may luck out to good weather.


2. “METEORITE HUNTING DRY LAKE BEDS” published on with “cetuspa”.


3. “METEORITE HUNTING DRY LAKE BEDS” published on with “cetuspa”.


4. “METEORITE HUNTING” published on with “cetuspa”.


5. “A weekend hunting Meteorites at West Texas” published on with “OutOfaBlueSky”.


6. “New Meteorite Find near West, Texas” published on with “OutOfaBlueSky”.


7. “Meteorite in Sweden” published on with “rodelona”.


8. “brenham pallasite meteorite 1200 pound treasure” published on with “distimpson”.


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