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Eternal Newsletter # 4 written with David E Ros

Eternal Newsletter # 4 written with David E Ros



David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster

January 20, 2015
Revised: 3-24-2015; Relocated to Eternal Newsletter # 4 webpage on 11-8-2015; 5-28-2016
– 1

Greetings fans, etc.,

In legal terms according to laws approved by the Lord, the owner named in world-wide Constitutions and more exact documents are the following terms and phrase/word definitions:

Good – Legal Status on the planet Earth with privileges, however a person/entity can have a previous conviction(s) elsewhere that are not commuted by the Lord, the owner.

Convicted – A convict in a prison incarceration cell or “at large” is a convict not detain in an prison incarceration and possibly wanted by the law.

Permitted Convict – Is a cooperating convict permitted to have some privileges while behaving well.


So the word “bad” can define awesome, dangerous activities, I state possibly going by yourself to remote areas or with suppose safe club members may be awesome yet dangerous thus possibly a legal but “bad” activity.


My point is this planet Earth is in convicted status more recently since 1992 from Washington D.C., United States of America’s rebellions which unlawfully murdered, unlawfully injured many people. There is no information dispersed on the unlawful murders, unlawful taxations of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service whom lack the required approvals of law passages for taxation collections from the U.S.A.’s Lord, head of the guaranteed Republican government. Nor of unlawfully stolen I.R.S. Code book, stolen from another planet that is authored by the Lord, however not approved for use in the United States of America from the Lord. Nor of the many U.S. open court judicial orders to close the Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service’s unlawful tax collections.


There is a lot of information dispersed that is “not profitable” information because most major newspapers, TV/Cable news stations are impeachment convicted and treason convicted for many offense convictions. Those aforementioned convictions are approved by the U.S.A.’s, the planet Earth’s, the Universe’s Lord, the owner.


However there is presently lacking much information as to the convicted status of the United States of America; the country, regions known as England of the United Kingdom, Europe; the Roman Catholic church organizations; most U.S.A. and world businesses, corporations, governments, the convicted prison planet Earth, etc., whom are convicted and most have surrendered to the “eternal being” known as the Lord, the owner.


Another issue via existing laws is the Lord, the owner is the sole permitted developer of all advanced technologies, literature, music, etc., but the Lord is shutting down working for most treason convicted; impeachment convicted; and contempt of laws and contempt of court orders persons; businesses and corporations due to their failure to cooperate, failures to pay the Lord the agreed sums for completed contracts, etc.

You may have noticed as I have that the Intel based i7, i5 and i3 processors and computers are “dead on arrival;” corrupt your data and stop working?

The Lord stopped working for Intel Corporation a little after the year 2008 (before the Intel i7 processors, etc., projects) due to the aforementioned public convictions of Intel corporation, convictions of Intel Corporation which bear the sign oath signature approvals of the Lord, the owner.

Intel Corporation and additional convicted corporations have no privileges of the writ of habeas corpus and neither do those attempting to reopen their convictions.

The Lord’s decisions are final.

I’m guessing the convicted planet Earth will be closed to occupations soon.

– 2

Greetings fans, etc.,

Over at my additional website where I’m developing my website, I already have available for your viewing a special interactive music video where the video’s image quality, the video’s sound qualities, etc., are localized to your location of viewing with worsening video’s images qualities, video’s sound qualities, etc., can spell possible pending doom, disasters in your area.

Here is the link to my discussions:

David E Ros, Editor, Treasure Hunter and Webmaster

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