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This is the “C2. Editor’s Comments – Slumach’s Gold, British Columbia, Canada, Page 1 of 1” webpage. I have been asked about my information many times and now I have some of my information published on the internet.




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C2. Editor’s Comments – Slumach’s Gold, British Columbia, Canada, Page 1 of 1


The Slumach’s Gold, British Columbia, Canada Videos, Informative Website’s & Forum’s Quick Access URL Link’s text topics are “dramatizations” and have entertainment values. Many important issues are not discussed should be known.


The Slumach’s Gold, British Columbia, Canada Mine are valid but is private property of the state whom is the Lord, the Owner and the Creator of the many planet Earths in these areas of many space sectors. Private property signs are posted.


The Slumach’s life story is more complex as there are/were legal status authorized Slumach persons and there were many imposter Slumach drones in humanoid appearance composed of the convict idiot gangs of invaders whom the owner has approved (and can still approve), authorized Universe, Planet Earth, etc., Bounties on all of the convict idiots gang members including drones. Convict idiot gang members are often voice activated attacking, stalking, annoying, outlaw murders. The days of freely talking are gone around these areas.


In Canada, many popular scenic natural areas are posted with a sign stating, “Lord’s National Park” and/or similar. The trails in the Slumach’s Gold, British Columbia, Canada areas are treacherous and the owner whom created the gold and additional elements of nature has mined in the vast areas for nearly one trillion years for many reasons on some planet Earths, (there are many planet Earths).


The owner is the sole owner of all the planets, suns, moons, space sector floor areas in the Owner’s owned Massive Containment Facilities. The Owner’s Massive Containment Facilities is located in the Lord, the Owner’s, Creator’s owned Universe in a livable Owner’s owned containment facility of livable areas.


The Owner is acknowledged by the Universe’s legal status residents as the Owner. The Owner is acknowledged in the Owner’s Approved Complete Law Clauses Volume(s), (Canadian Providences have their own versions & version 2 is used in the USA) which is the official laws of every owned area, planets, Republics, space sector floor areas, etc.


The Owner only leases properties and the lease can be extended and sold. However the Owner’s ownership is not transferable which is protected by Owner approved law clauses. The Owner’s planets are not automatically maintained but require extensive efforts by the Owner to maintain livable conditions. Air, water, living plants, temperatures, weather services can be shut off by the Owner. The Owner created animals can be removed to a safe area.


The Owner who is also the Universes, the Planets, the Stars Creator can manufacture new Gold for many uses. Note: In the Owner’s Massive Convict Containment Facilities, the gold is an inferior version to the Gold of the outside legal status resident’s living areas in the Universes. The Owner’s Massive Convict Containment Facilities’ inferior gold is not accepted in the outside legal status resident’s living areas in the Universes and has less luster and different identification specifications.


1. The authorized, legal status Slumach’s gold mines stories, British Columbia, Canada and elsewhere


According to this story, Slumach who lived and died in British Columbia, Canada regions and made many trips to a secret source of gold nuggets in the British Columbia’s wilderness and mountains. Yet his story is the often performed, played Owner’s Live Acting Reenactment. The facts are owner of this planet Earth has many additional similar planets with the British Columbia, Canada region’s Gold Mine stories. Since it’s a lifelong Live Acting Reenactment, many individuals appeared as the Slumach including the Owner. The Owner’s Live Acting Reenactments are very popular in the Owner’s Universes. The Owner’s Live Acting Reenactments require many high security secret procedures to perform the reenactment plus the Owner writes the scripts to the Owner’s Live Acting Reenactments.


First discussed is the authorized, legal status Slumach persons. The authorized, legal status Slumach were/are part of a long running series of Owner’s Live Acting Reenactments on many planets, so was acted by many individuals appearing as Slumach. The purpose of these Owner’s Live Acting Reenactments was to establish a authorized romantic man for the local Indian females to meet who requested the traditional Slumach name be used. So many individuals appeared as the authorized Slumach in much requested, often performed Owner’s Live Acting Reenactments.


If the local Indian female behaved in those days, the authorized, legal status Slumach promised gifts. One of the gifts was a meeting on a large moss covered river’s edge’s boulder flat slab side. There under the green moss was small valuable gold nugget gifts.


The source of the gold nuggets was Owner owned mines upstream of the moss covered flat top boulder, some very far away. The Owner permitted the gold to be mined and used by the authorized, legal status Slumach, however authorized, legal status Slumach was required to visit the Owner’s gold mine once a year to mine a few gold nuggets. Additional mining and recovery trips were performed by the Owner for the authorized, legal status Slumach. On the route to these Owner’s gold mines were many old mines and caves mostly used as weather protection. The Owner’s replenished gold was far away from the river. The actual Owner’s gold mines were replenished by the Owner for to the required levels of available gold. Thus those Owner’s gold mines are probably without gold now.


Some of these mine openings were developed as a secured storage area for valuables to be transported elsewhere by the Owner. Yet it was here that the gold nuggets were staged in place for the Owner’s Live Acting Reenactments with the authorized, legal status Slumach by the Owner.


2. The not authorized, prohibited convicted, surrendered “Convict Idiots” gangs gold mines stories, British Columbia, Canada


Then there is an unfortunate plight on these times then and recently here of the “Convict Idiot” gangs of prohibited reprogrammed humanoid drones programmed to stalk, annoy, Hades invade, attack, murder and thieving that were invading the British Columbia, Canada regions and elsewhere. This Slumach, British Columbia, Canada gold mine stories are popular on many of the Owner’s planets elsewhere and the “Convict Idiot” gangs of convicts spotted the authorized, legal status Slumach Reenactments and targeted the activities with invasion and landings of many different appearing humanoids some whom look like Slumach, but instead were “voice activated” dangerous annoying, thieving, attacking, murderous drones. The “Convict Idiot” gangs of convicts have surrendered many times and appear to be lessening their outlaw actions though the Convict Idiot’s Hades invasions are still happening. The “Convict Idiot” gangs of convicts are still considered dangerous and should be avoided.


According to the known facts including the Lord, the Owner’s speeches a supposed Slumach, actually an imposter “convict idiot” gang member of look-a-like Slumachs arrived in town with s small quantity of walnut sized gold nuggets. Later this imposter Slumach was hung by the Owner, Lord’s Court after his reviews of the known facts, collaborating evidence, etc., and not because the civilian court’s decision for murdering a man. The Owner’s Lord’s Court is the only and sole Open Court with all the Judicial authority thus no appeals are permitted. The Owner assigns different shifts through time travel to cover the complete Universe’s assignments. The Owner is a time Lord and an eternal thus can handle this enormous duties.


The convict idiot imposter Slumach had watched the owner deliver support funds to many qualified identities and started to stalk the owner travels but discovered nothing. The convict idiot imposter gangs of look-a-like Slumachs were already Owner convicted for previous murders but was difficult to eradicate due the constant arrivals of replacements of the convict idiot imposter gangs of look-a-like Slumachs whom the owner had/has valid bounties on the convict idiot look-a-like Slumach gang members.


The Owner has been stalked many times world-wide by those seeking the Owner’s sources of the Owner’s riches, so the Owner was ready at these locations in the high mountains in British Columbia.
The Owner built a trail where the entrance of the trail was concealed by trees and foliage. This trail is a very treacherous with strange natural protections guarding the trails usage. Mysterious boulders roll down the trail and the trail’s width is narrow with winding turns on edges of high cliffs. The trail goes through a glacier where hidden ice crevices can collapse suddenly. British Columbia, Canada has only a short summer season to visit this area. Rain falls in the summer time so be concerned to only stand on level rocks and/or secure gravel because the wet soil is like quick sand. The Owner usually plans his trips carefully on these trails bringing the owner’s mountain and ice climbing equipment, weather protections, and planted food storages for a probable three day journey. Sometimes the Owner has group trips that the Owner guides. Contact the Owner for additional information.


This trail leads to a basket of walnut size gold for those that complete the journey to that location. Additional trails are used by the Owner to travel to his active mines that have been replenished with gold, etc. prior to scheduling a mining venture for himself.


So, the imposter “convict idiot” gangs of Slumach look-a-likes followed the Owner to the basket of walnut size gold. The imposter “convict idiot” gangs of Slumach look-a-likes required many years to complete the journey on foot and was replaced often by another imposter “convict idiot” gangs of Slumach look-a-likes member after a death, etc.


Remember that the Owner is the “state” and permissions must be obtained prior to traveling on the Owner’s properties everywhere. In England the Owner is the “state” and the “state” purchases the Gold Hoards found in England.


The Owner’s entrance permissions and mining permit are required to enter or mine the Slumach’s Gold areas. The Owner is the only authorized authority to approve and issue valid mining permits. Historically the most successful way to placer gold mine is to contact the Owner for approvals and ask the owner to replenish the gold. Those with serious offense convictions, those with a bounty placed on them and those with the Writ of Habeas Corpus being suspended on them, etc. are not eligible. The Owner selects the location(s) of the proposed gold replenishing. In Canada only Canadian residents with the permitted or legal status can enter the Owner’s properties.


The punishments of ignoring the need for the Owner’s approvals to mine are enforced. The Owner Approved Complete Law Clauses and Explanations Volume are enforced in nature. Remember the Apache Indians called those forces the “Thunder God”. So contact the Owner when in Canada prior to venturing out to gold mine an area.


The Owner Approved Complete Law Clauses and Explanations Volume usually also has a list of Live Acting Reenactments.


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